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VDT Design started its operation in 2014. Our business includes custom design of custom machines, consumer products, mechanical supporting structures, planning and implementation of personalized shop equipments, we also undertake strength and capacity calculations and we can help in manufacture, tool design and implementation and design of composite technology items.

The team has young, innovative mindsets and wisdom-based practical insights based on older generation experiences, as well as extremely cost-effective solution designs that have expanded and deepened over the years.

We can help our customers with their projects in a multitude of ways: Whether we can complete the entire process from concept training to design and prototype production to delivery and installation. Upon request, we provide our customers with support for serial production and post-development.

We have customers who take into account economic, financial, design or production aspects in a project, but through our complex vision, we are able to take into account all of these considerations at once and work with customers at any stage of their development process.

Our approach to any idea or development is not just from the engineering point of view but taking the nature into consideration with the focus of compatibility and sustainability to contribute to the creation of innovative and cost – effective solutions.

Our outlook allows - as described above - the realization of the innovative solutions of the future. We are unique in this...






Complex engineering activity from concept to implementation

  • Purpose machines

    In any area of the industry, it is a daily matter due to the continuous technological advances that new and emerging needs arise for machines and equipment that specifically target the work of the given area.
  • Consumer Products

    Creation and design of machinery, structures and equipments for facilitating and assisting companies, consumers, people's lives, and employees in their working fields.
  • Steel Structures

    Design of classic mechanical engineering. Machines mounting scaffolds, mezzanine systems, frames, supports, brackets, etc.
  • Store equipment

    A custom designed equipment will help you attract and bring customer’s attention to the product.
  • Composite products

    Composite technology is gaining ground in areas where light but powerful structures are needed.
  • Strength calculations

    Solidity and bearing capacity calculations, checking designs, shape and geometric optimization.

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