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Purpose machine design

In any area of the industry, it is a daily matter due to the continuous technological advances that new and emerging needs arise for machines and equipment that specifically target the work of the given area. In such cases, you need a specific targeting machine with feature and tasks that will work as quickly, faultlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Consumer Products

Individual needs arise not only in the field of industry, but also in other areas of life. We also help with the creation and design of machinery, structures and equipment for facilitating and assisting companies, consumers, people's lives, and employees in their working fields.

Steel Structures

Design of classic mechanical engineering. Machines mounting scaffolds, mezzanine systems, frames, supports, brackets, etc.

Store equipment

Nowadays the businesses, shops and department stores compete not only with their products they are selling, but also how these products are presented. Whether it the freshly roasted bakery, vegetable, drink or the sandwich, the goal to focus on the product. In this case, a custom-designed furniture or shop equipment can help achieve this goal.

Composite products

Composite technology is gaining ground in areas where light but powerful structures are needed. This technology is still costly, so you need to make the best possible design and take into account the special manufacturing processes. We can help you in planning, manufacturing, tool design, and implementation in this unusual technology.

Strength calculations

Solidity and bearing capacity calculations, checking designs, shape and geometric optimization. Calculations are performed using finite-element software as required.

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